Consumer Product Programs

Peace Lutheran School participates in a handful of consumer product programs (Kwik Trip Milk Moola, Box Tops for Education, and Loaves for Learning). There is a collection area outside the 5th & 6th grade classroom for the items we collect. Please call the school if you have any questions.

To learn more about the programs, clink on the links below.

Kwik Trip Milk Moola   (These are found on their milk and juice products.)

Update: We have just been informed that another program will be discontinued in the very near future.  The Milk Moola program through Kwik Trip will end after 15 years of charitable contributions to schools like Peace.  We have a little time to collect yet.  The deadline to send milk caps to school will be Friday, March 22nd.  Please spread the word to anyone you know who collects these milk caps for us.  Thank you!!!!!

Box Tops for Education  ( For a list of eligible products click: BTFE Eligible Product List )

Loaves for Learning  (For a list of eligible products click: L4L Eligible Product List)