The Newsletter


April, 2018

“The Lord is with me”


                Before we start our monthly calendar portion of this newsletter, I would like to take a moment to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who in anyway helped out with the open house held a few weeks ago.  We are so grateful that so many people took time out of their Saturday to be here or took time leading up to the event to help with preparations.  I will not attempt to name everyone individually as I am fearful of forgetting someone.  But on behalf of the faculty and Board of Education, thank you so much to everyone who made the day a success.

                We had a number of families come to the open house who did not have children currently in our school.  We were very excited by their interest and pray that God “takes it from here” as He leads us into the future.  Speaking of the future . . . numerous people felt that we need to keep doing this type of thing, so we are already thinking ahead to next year and another opportunity to encourage people to think about Christian education for their families.

                Finally, we were able to get a number of Thrivent Action Team cards to help fund portions of the day.  As a result, we have a large number of Thrivent T-shirts that we would like to get to everyone who helped out that day or in the preparation phases.  Please contact Mrs. Lueck with your shirt size(s) so we can get you your free t-shirt.  Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Stoltz


Monday, April 9th

  • Classes Resume – 8:30am

Tuesday, April 10th

    • There is still time to call for an appointment. If you know of anyone interested that we should contact about possible enrollment, please let us know.  Thank you.
  • Cousin’s Subs Day

Wednesday, April 11th

  • HOT LUNCH – Walker’s Chicken
    • Leader: Cindy Trapp
    • Helpers: Janae Stoltz
    • Desserts: Tadman, Trapp, Waldvogel

Friday, April 13th

  • HOT LUNCH – Sloppy Joes
    • Leader: Jeremy Hollis
    • Helpers: Melissa Fell, David Knapp
    • Desserts: West, Badtke, Bargenquast

Tuesday, April 17th

  • Cousin’s Subs Day

Wednesday, April 18th

  • HOT LUNCH – Breakfast for Lunch
    • Leader: Jessica Priebe
    • Helpers: Tonya Dibelius, Janae Stoltz
    • Desserts: Bohling, Damerow, Dibelius

 Friday, April 20th

  • Christiano’s Pizza Day

Saturday, April 21st

  • Ripon Noon Kiwanis Children’s Fair – Barlow Park Elementary School – 9:00-12:00
    • We are still looking for any volunteers to help at the Peace Lutheran School table on this day. If you can spare the time, please contact Mr. Stoltz as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Sunday, April 22nd

  • Junior Choir and Junior Handchimes at St. John’s, Princeton – 9:00am

Tuesday, April 24th

  • Cousin’s Subs Day

Wednesday, April 25th

  • HOT LUNCH – Spaghetti
    • Leader: Shellie Hiemstra
    • Helpers: Alicia Kelma
    • Desserts: Eilertson, Fell, Hiemstra

Friday, April 27th

  • HOT LUNCH – Cheeseburger Soup
    • Leader: Jessica Priebe
    • Helpers: Chris Roehl, Tanya Damerow
    • Desserts: Hilke, Hollis, Jahnke




            The next time you come to school, be sure to take a look at the peak of the new entryway.  We would like to thank Tyler Sell and family for the beautiful addition he made to finish off the entryway.  It looks fantastic and we really appreciate the time it took to put that up.  Also, Tyler put up shelves in the new gym storage room.  They look great, almost too nice to use.  THANK YOU, TYLER!

 THANK YOU – Take 3 –

            We also want to thank everyone who participated in the winter fundraisers.  We sold all of the candy bars we ordered for the third year in a row and the flower sales were also a bit higher than last year.  Remember the flowers will be delivered in early May.  We will let you know the exact day and time.  The proceeds from these fundraisers will go into the Peace Parent’s Network treasury.  They were earmarked for technology purchases in the future. 


            We are excited to report that Peace is in the process of purchasing smartboards for most or all of our classrooms.  These will hopefully be in place for next school year.  The money being used to purchase these came from a Webster Foundation grant, some memorial money, and from the fundraiser money that has been collected over the past few years. 


            Congratulations to the following students for their great work in the classroom!  Keep it up during the warm spring days ahead.

 High Honor Roll –

            6th Grade – Kaliska Klusmeyer, Kylee Otto, Erin Pulice, Ellerie Rost, Allison Trapp

8th Grade – Evan Bargenquast, Bret Sell

Honor Roll –

            5th Grade – Fischer Bargenquast, Rylee Klawitter, Ella Priebe

6th Grade – Noah Brehmer, Lauryn Fell, Aubrey Hiemstra, Andrew Stepleton

7th Grade – Delaney Bargenquast, Claire Trapp

8th Grade – Isabelle Badtke, David Jahnke, Jenna Kelma, Emma Priebe, Shawna Stibb