Mission Projects

Each semester the school supports a different mission. Mission worship services are usually held in church on the first Friday of every month. The area pastors take turns giving the devotion. An envelope for the mission offering is sent home prior to the worship service. Envelopes are collected at the worship services each month.


2018-2019 First Semester Mission: Friends of China

Our first semester mission project will focus on a mission that has a familiar face involved in it. Our offerings will be collected for Friends of China where Linden Jahns, a former Peace student, is serving as a teacher.

The Friends of China website describes the purpose of their mission as follows:

The mission of Friends of China (FoC) is to build relationships through educational exchange in mainland China. In 2001, FoC sent its first four English teachers to Beijing. The organization grew rapidly and to date FoC has sent over 270 teachers to ten different cities in the mainland. Teachers in China have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships built on trust and cultural awareness. Friends of China continues to recruit, train, send and support dozens of teachers every year to further this mission.

China has become a fast growing mission field despite the obstacles to sharing the Word of God. Please pray for those who share the Gospel and for those who hear it and support this project with your offerings as you are able.


2017-2018 Second Semester Mission: Good News Lutheran Church in Lehi, Utah

Our second semester mission project this year is Good News Lutheran Church in Lehi, Utah. This is where our friends the Heiderichs are serving. Here is the information you will find on their website:

Good News Lutheran Lehi is a new church supported by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Formed in the year 1850, the WELS is a worldwide church body serving hundreds of thousands of Christians in the United States. For over forty years the WELS has had a presence in Utah in Salt Lake City (Prince of Peace Lutheran), Layton (Light of the Valley Lutheran), and most recently in St. George (Redemption Lutheran). With the growing number of people moving into Utah County, we are here to share the good news with our members who reside in Utah County and others who may be looking for a church home.  A group of dedicated members began meeting for Bible study over a year ago in different locations in addition to driving to weekly worship in Salt Lake City. Pastor Dan Heiderich and his family arrived in Utah in 2017.

You can see that this is a new congregation still working toward having worship services of their own. Please pray for them and support them in your second semester offerings.


2017-2018 First Semester Mission: MLC (Martin Luther College) International Student Aid Fund

Our first semester mission project this year is the MLC (Martin Luther College) International Student Aid Fund. International students have comprised 2-3% of the MLC student body for the last four years. When they graduate, they take the Gospel back out into the world with them- back to their home countries, or to other country, or to American ministry settings.

One example of an MLC International Student is Santiago Botero. He dreamed of being a doctor. Before starting college he wanted to attend an American high school for a semester. His pastor urged him to attend Michigan Lutheran Seminary. He loved it there and during his time in America was able to visit MLC and attend chapel which he said was, “mind-blowing.” His career plans suddenly changed from medicine to ministry. The cost of attending MLC was double that of attending school in Colombia, but with an on-campus job, financial aid, and the help of many generous Christians, he made it through. He graduated in 2016 and was assigned to Great Plains Lutheran High School.

You can help others like Santiago by praying for these students who are so far from their homes and families; and, if you are able, support them through your child’s monthly mission offerings.