The Newsletter


December, 2017

“The Lord is with me”

Friday, December 1st

  • HOT LUNCH – Hamburgers
  • Leader: Jeremy Holis
  • Helper: Alicia Kelma
  • Desserts: Trapp, Waldvogel, West


Friday, December 1st

  • Basketball Games vs. Faith, FDL – HOME
    • B Girls – 4:00
    • B Boys – 5:00ish
    • A Girls – 6:00ish
    • A Boys game was cancelled by Faith, FDL
    • B Girls – Bargenquast, Jahnke
    • B Boys – Jahnke, Pulice
    • A Girls – Roehl, Klawitter
    • Clean Up – Roehl, Kelma, Badtke, Klusmeyer
    • If you are unable to work your time slot, please make arrangements to get someone else to fill your spot. Thank you.


Tuesday, December 5th

  • Cousin’s Subs Day


Wednesday, December 6th

  • HOT LUNCH – Walker’s Chicken
    • Leader: Cindy Trapp
    • Helpers: Lisa Knapp, Tonya Dibelius
    • Desserts: Badtke, Bargenquast, Bohling


Friday, December 8th

  • Christiano’s Pizza Day
  • Basketball at St. John’s, Fox Lake –
    • B boys only
    • 5:00 vs. St. John’s, Fox Lake
    • 6:00 vs. St. Peter’s, FDL


Sunday, December 10th

  • Peace Lutheran School Christmas Service – 4:00
    • All students are expected to attend. We ask that everyone is dressed up for this service.  There should be NO JEANS or T-SHIRTS.  
    • Students should meet in their classrooms by 3:45. If the weather is unpleasant (rain/snow), then we ask the students to meet in the Parish Hall of church.  Thank you.



Tuesday, December 12th

  • Cousin’s Subs Day


Wednesday, December 13th

    • Leader: Jessica Priebe
    • Helpers: Janae Stoltz
    • Desserts: Dibelius, Eilertson, Fell


Friday, December 15th

  • HOT LUNCH – Ham Dinner
    • Leader: Jessica Priebe
    • Helpers: Teri Stibb, Tanya Schaefer
    • Desserts: Damerow, Hiemstra, Hilke


Friday, December 15th

  • Basketball Games vs. St. Stephen’s, Horicon – HOME
    • B Girls – 4:00
    • B Boys – 5:00ish
    • A Girls – 6:00ish
    • A Boys – 7:00ish
    • B Girls – Stibb, Jobs
    • B Boys – Pulice, Stoltz
    • A Girls – Tadman, Klawitter
    • A Boys – Badtke, Jobs
    • Clean Up – Sell, Bargenquast, Badtke
    • If you are unable to work your time slot, please make arrangements to get someone else to fill your spot. Thank you.


Tuesday, December 19th

  • Cousin’s Subs Day


Wednesday, December 20th

  • Classes dismissed at noon
  • Christmas Vacation Begins
  • Classes resume on Wednesday, January 3rd
  • This day also marks the end of the 2nd Report cards will be mailed out to each family on Friday, January 5th.






            Thank you to everyone who helped with the Butterbraid Fundraiser this past month.  We had a great sale.  The profit from the sale this year was just over $2000.  This is more than the past two years.  THANK YOU for your efforts.


            With the “snow season” fast approaching, here are a few guidelines for Peace families when it comes to weather related cancellations.  This can get a little complicated as Peace has families that live in five different school districts.


  • Cancellations – If at least two of our school districts are closed, then Peace will also be closed. Those districts are Green Lake, Ripon, Markesan, and Princeton.  If only one district closes and the other three are in session, Peace will have school that day.  For those families living in the closed school district, it will be up to you to decide if you feel it is safe enough to bring your child to school.  If the answer is “no”, we certainly understand.


  • Early Release – We will do our best to have students call parents ahead of time to let them know they are coming home early.


  • Morning Delays – These are tough as if often happens that all the districts do not do the same thing. The basic rule to follow is: Do what your district does. Again if only one district is delaying, we will most likely start school at the regular time.  The families from the delaying district can either bring their children to school at the regular time or send them on the bus at the delayed time.


  • Families Transporting Their Children – Please check carefully to see if school is cancelled or delayed. If there is a delay, teachers will most likely NOT be at school at the regular time.  Follow the delay times.  Please do not drop your child off at school without first making sure it is OK to leave them there.


  • Radio & TV Announcements – You will NOT see or hear Peace Lutheran School specifically mentioned on the TV or the radio. Listen for the four districts mentioned above, as we will be following what they do. 


  • FINALLY, if you are confused, give Mr. Stoltz a call at home if it is early in the morning or a possible cancellation day. If it is a delay day, you can try him at home or school. If it is an early release day, call school if there is confusion.