Academic Eligibility

In order to maintain proper priorities and balance between extra-curricular events and academic responsibilities, Peace Lutheran School does enforce an eligibility program applicable to students in grades 4 – 8.

The specifics of the program include:

Eligibility requirements apply to all extra-curricular activities: all sports, cheerleading, and pom pons.

All students in grades 4 – 8 who are active in any of the above must abide by the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements will be set for each individual student according to his/her God-given academic capabilities. The requirements will be set by the teacher and discussed in full with each parent.

One of the requirements will include an academic grade average. This academic requirement will be based on a student’s performance in the following subjects: Religion, Catechism, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies/History, and Science.

Each student will also be expected to complete work on time.

Any student who receives two after-school detentions within a two week period will be considered ineligible.

All students will be reviewed four weeks after the beginning of a quarter and then once every two weeks after that. Any student that in any way falls short of his/her eligibility requirements will be unable to participate in any extra-curricular activities for a period of two weeks. After two weeks, the student’s progress will again be checked. If after that period of two weeks, the student again meets the eligibility requirements, the student will be allowed to return to the activity from which they were suspended. If after two weeks, the progress of the student does not meet his/her eligibility requirements, the student will serve another two week suspension. This process will continue until the student meets his/her eligibility requirements.