Cross Country (Fall) – Grades K-8


Below you will see the list of Peace runners who participated in the WLA Cross Country Meet on September 26th. Everyone did a great job and we are proud of the kids that represented our school so well.

  • 7th Grade – Andrew Stepleton (22nd – boys)
  • 6th Grade – Fischer Bargenquast (10th –boys) James Knapp (6th – boys)

It was great to see our three runners in the team competition finish in the top 25 boy runners and to see two sixth graders finish in the top 10 running against predominantly 7th & 8th graders was fantastic. Next year we hope to see a few more runners from Peace in these grades so we can enter a team as you have to have 5 runners to form a team.

  • 4th Grade – Gracie Niemuth (8th – girls), Lilly Hiemstra
  • 3rd Grade – Miranda Hiemstra, Joshua Knapp, Ella Stelter
  • 2nd Grade – Marya Hiemstra
  • 1st Grade – Jensyn Bargenquast (4th – girls), Hale Damerow, Sara Stelter, Evan Stoltz
  • Kindergarten – Larisa Schwark