Parent & Caregiver Volunteers

It takes the collective effort of dedicated parents, caregivers, family and friends to make our students’ experience at Peace Lutheran School fulfilling and rewarding. We need your help to provide Peace Lutheran School with the support needed to continue to educate well-rounded Christians.

We urge parents and family members to become involved and enrich the educational experiences of each child at Peace Lutheran School. Volunteering is a great way to connect with your child’s school and interact with other parents and volunteers in many different capacities. With so many activities and events through the school year, there is always something for everyone.

To learn about volunteer opportunities, please read the descriptions below. As other volunteer needs arise, we will update the information post here. So, please be sure to check back here in a few months when construction of our website is further along. 

Hot Lunch Helpers

On Wednesdays and some Fridays, we will need volunteers to help make and serve the meals to our students. Each month we send home a sign-up sheet to get volunteers for that particular month. If you are willing to be a “leader” or a “helper” for that month you can sign up then.

Leaders- Leaders are asked to prepare the meal ahead of time. This will NOT include doing any shopping as we have volunteers assigned to shop. All the necessary items will be at school, we just need a leader to make arrangements for putting things in the oven and getting the sides ready to go. On days when the option is “Chef’s Choice”, leaders can choose to make whatever they desire. You can order food from Webster’s or The Crossroads or make something yourself. Jessica Priebe and Shellie Hiemstra are the coordinators for this year. Please contact them with your questions.

Helpers- Helpers are asked to be at school by 11:30am on hot lunch days. They will help with final preparations, serve the food to the students, and help with clean-up.

Concession Stand Coordinating Committee

During basketball season, we run a concession stand to offset costs for hiring referees for games we host at our school. The coordinating committee meets twice- in late fall to organize what needs to be done and after the conclusion of basketball season for a debriefing.